Follow John Watson's adventures with Sherlock Holmes after his return from Afghanistan, his first meeting with Sherlock via Mike Stamford and moving into Mrs Hudson's 221b Baker Street address in this fictional blog to coincide with the BBC One drama Sherlock.

John Watson is no longer updating this blog. For the latest Sherlock content on the BBC go to the Sherlock programme website

11th August

The Sign of Three

Wow!!!!!!!!! What a day!!!!!! That was the best wedding ever!!!!!! Sherlock was amazing! Love is amazing! Fluffy clouds and little birds are amazing!!! Read More


21st July

The Mayfly Man

We'd just returned from a quiet, civilised evening in the pub when our latest client arrived at Baker Street. She was a nurse. And, apparently, she'd been out for dinner. With a ghost. Read More


2nd July

The Hollow Client

Jack Griffin certainly knew how to make an entrance. We'd been to a suit-fitting for the wedding and when we got back, there he was. Or rather, there he wasn't. Read More


29th June

The Bloody Guardsman

Sherlock didn't want me to write up this case for reasons that will become obvious. But there's no way I was going to pass up the chance to... Read More


10th June

The Elephant in the Room

Sherlock's had some mad cases over the last couple of years and I wouldn't say I've ever got entirely used to them but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for... Read More


3rd June

Happily Ever After

I swear that my forthcoming wedding has softened Sherlock. Read More


27 May

The Poison Giant

It all started when I received an email. There was no text just a picture of a pearl. Read More


7 November

The Empty Hearse

Well. So yes. You'll have seen the news.Where do I even begin? As the trending hashtag says: #sherlocklives Read More


5 October

Many Happy Returns

So, Greg came around the other day. He had a load of stuff that had belonged to Sherlock. Just tat really. Nothing that even gets close to... Read More


3rd September

The Inexplicable Matchbox

The situation with Isaac Persano hit the headlines, obviously. He was found, in a hotel room, surrounded by matchboxes. And he couldn't speak. Sherlock described him as being completely “out of his mind” but I diagnosed that he was technically suffering... Read More


17th June

Murder at 'The Orient Express'

The When the owner of a Knightsbridge Chinese restaurant was found lying face down in a plate of noodles, Lestrade came to see Sherlock. The man, Terry Wong, had choked to death and, at first, it appeared to be an accident. Read More


23rd May

Death by Twitter

When Ceylan Hassan died, it seemed to be a simple hit-and-run. She'd been to the shops and was crossing the road outside her house when she was hit by a bus. It wasn't nice but it didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Until her brother came to see us... Read More


12th May

The Deadly Tealights

The death of yoga teacher, Tim Leng, was brought to our attention by his flatmate, Scott Bevan. Leng had been found lying, dead, in a bath but he hadn't drowned. He'd been asphyxiated. In a locked room... Read More


26th April

A Few Pictures...

I was going through my phone and I found a few pictures I'd taken during some of our cases. It might seem a bit odd but I've hardly any pictures of him. I remember him once saying how everybody was so busy photographing their lives for... Read More


20th April

A New Beginning

It feels odd. Coming back here. This blog. It's taken me about a week to write this. Read More


16th June


He was my best friend and I'll always believe in him. Read More


16th March

Hello Boys!

Do forgive me for hacking into your blog... Read More

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16th March

The Hounds of Baskerville

I've never been happier to see anyone than I was to see Henry Knight. Sherlock had been bored. And trust me, you don't want to be around him when he's bored. He's hyperactive, rude, arrogant and a real pain in the behind.

Yeah I know, same old Sherlock... Read More


12th March

The Woman

I can't say much about the actual case because of the Official Secrets Act but the country was nearly brought to its knees by one person - Irene Adler. She's now under a witness protection scheme... Read More


1st January

Actually, Happy New Year

It's all been a bit doom and gloom over the last few days so I wanted something to cheer us up. Sherlock's off at Barts x-raying a phone, leaving me to do the shopping. Before I go, though, look what I found on the Internet... Read More


31st December

Happy New Year

Just a quick update before we go into 2012. It's been a bit of a day. I was taken to Battersea Power Station where I met Irene Adler. She's still alive. Dead or alive, it's all just a game to her... Read More


25th December


I should be out tonight with Jeanette but things, as ever, haven't gone to plan. What Christmas isn't complete without your guests being humiliated, your girlfriend dumping you and a woman being murdered... Read More


19th December

The Six Thatchers

I'd taken Sherlock out Christmas shopping which, looking back, wasn't the best of ideas. He'd shouted at a Father Christmas that he was bored and wanted a nice juicy murder for Christmas - in front of a bunch of kids and their parents. Escorted back to the flat by the police, we found a student, Sally Barnicot, waiting for us... Read More


15th September

By Royal Appointment

So there I am, dealing with a mysterious death in the middle of the countryside when suddenly I'm whisked away in a helicopter and taken to Buckingham Palace. Sherlock was already there. Naked except for a sheet wrapped around him... Read More


2nd September

The Aluminium Crutch

This one you'll have read about in the papers. The murder of actor Matthew Michael live on stage. I wasn't actually there as I was on a date (went well, thanks for asking) but Sherlock was and he left a number of messages on my voicemail, telling me what happened... Read More


12th August

Hat-Man and Robin

We've been so busy over the last few months that I haven't had time to write up most of our cases but this hasn't stopped us becoming an Internet phenomenon. We've even made the papers!... Read More


1st August

Sherlock Holmes Baffled

The body of a 45 year old man was found in a car on wasteland in Surrey. I genuinely never thought I'd see the day. Sherlock is BAFFLED! He hasn't got a clue! He's flummoxed! He's bamboozled! Read More

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13th July

The Speckled Blonde

Early thirties, dyed blonde hair, strange red speckles all over her body. The woman, Julia Stoner, had been found in her bed. There seemed to be no obvious cause of death... Read More


16th June

The Geek Interpreter

Three young men came to Baker St claiming that events in recent issues of a comic had started happening in real life. I know. We'd turned away mysterious deaths and worldwide conspiracies, but this was the one that Sherlock was interested in... Read More


30th May

Tilly Briggs Cruise of Terror

I've had to take this post down for a while as the ship's owners are launching an appeal.


30th May

Life Goes On

Time to write up a few notes. I'm going to tell you about a couple of the smaller cases we've been involved in. What really happened on the Tilly Briggs pleasure cruise. Then there was that really odd case with the melting laptop... Read More


1st May

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. We've had a few cases which I'll write up when I get chance. Think I needed a break from it all really. That whole business in the swimming pool... I just needed to get away from guns and bombs and maniacs... Read More


1st April

The Great Game

Sorry for the delay in posting. I needed a few days to get my head around what just happened.

It began, as everything did, with a big bang. There was apparently a gas leak in the house across the street. Of course, my time living with Sherlock means I know how meaningless the word 'apparently' can be... Read More


28th March

The Blind Banker

It all began with Sherlock and I visiting the bank. We'd been called in by an old school friend of his. The man was a banker and pretty much what you'd expect. Someone had broken into their offices and sprayed graffiti across a painting. Nothing too interesting about that, you might think. Except that whoever did it, they didn't show up on any CCTV... Read More


27th March


Well, it's been an interesting few days. I've got myself a job. And I also helped break up an international smuggling ring. More details to follow.

Oh, but before I write it up. Important information!!... Read More


23rd March

A rant

Do you know what I hate? Those unmanned checkout machines. They're there to 'save time' but they don't. They clearly don't... Read More


23rd March

Diamonds are forever

Except they're not. No story here because Sherlock decided not to take the case. Apparently a missing diamond isn't 'interesting' enough.

Still, we discovered a body today... Read More


7th February

A Study in Pink

I've blacked out a few names and places because of legal matters but, other than that, this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that's the thing with him. It's no use trying to hide...Read More


1st February

Secret code

Sorry, I'm still typing up what happened last night but in the meantime, Sherlock's been sent some secret coded message or something. He's looking for people to help with it.

If you fancy giving it a go, then go to his site, The Science of Deduction

Update added 01 February: Could the Roman Emperor be Caesar?


31st January

My new flatmate

So, last night I went to look at the flat. It's pretty decent actually. Sherlock had already moved in so it was a bit of a mess but that's actually a nice change from where I was before.

And the madman himself? He's fascinating. Arrogant...Read More


29th January

A strange meeting

I don't know how I'm meant to be writing this. I'm not a writer. Ella thought keeping a blog would help but it hasn't because nothing ever happens to me. But today, something did. Something...Read More


28th January

Serial suicides

There’s been another of those 'serial suicides'. It's weird. There doesn't seem to be any connection between ...Read More


25th January


Met up with some of the rugby lads from Blackheath last night. They haven’t changed. Still downing pints like they’re in the twenties. Still all taking the mick out of... Read More


21st January

Happy now?

Look Ella, I'm writing my blog... Read More

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20th January


How do I delete this?


15th December


Nothing happens to me. Read More

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14th December