A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson starts writing his blog again after Sherlock's death.

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26th April

A Few Pictures...

I was going through my phone and I found a few pictures I'd taken during some of our cases.

It might seem a bit odd but I've hardly any pictures of him. I remember him once saying how everybody was so busy photographing their lives for Facebook and Twitter that they were forgetting how to live. 'I'm far too busy to be instagramming, John!' He was annoyed at the time because Mrs Hudson was going through this phase of taking photos of her breakfast. Buying her a laptop for Christmas was probably the biggest mistake of our lives. That was the Christmas he managed to offend most of our guests, I got dumped and he met The Woman.

Best Christmas I've ever had, actually.

So, yeah, here are a few pictures.

This one is from when we were investigating a smuggling ring . It feels like so long ago.

Graffiti from The Blind Banker

It looks like some graffiti but it was actually a secret code. It was all secret codes back in those days. It was around then that Sherlock was getting these anonymous messages . Of course, we know now who they were from.

Not long after, Sherlock did his own bit of graffiti.

Picture of a painted smiley face on the wallpaper in Sherlock and John's flat

This was on the wall of our living room. Mrs Hudson was not amused. But she didn't have time to worry about it too much as a few minutes later a bomb exploded across the road.

Pictures of 221B after an explosion in The Great Game

And that was the beginning of what we ended up calling ' The Great Game '

This guy was Kenny Prince. He was the brother of Connie Prince (See Connie Prince's website for those of you who can't remember her). Sherlock took loads of pics of him while posing as my photographer. He had the ugliest cat I've ever seen.

Picture of Kenny Prince, brother of Connie from The Great Game

And from cats to dogs... Do you see what I did there?

This was Henry Knight's house. He'd come to see us because his Dad had been killed by a giant devil dog. Which sounds mad but the truth was even madder. That was in Hounds of Baskerville . Nice house though!

Picture of Henry Knight's house from The Hounds of Baskerville

The following pictures are from our last case. Which I never typed up. I don't want to type it up. I probably never will. Because that's too final.

Picture of Help Us message from The Reichenbach Fall Picture of footprints from The Reichenbach Fall

But you know what happened? Sherlock saved the lives of two kids. Regardless of anything else, he did that. And they didn't even like him very much. If you really think that he was guilty or that Moriarty wasn't real then feel free to explain this .

But this is meant to be a positive thing. I'm not dwelling on the bad stuff. I'm remembering the good times.

Such as how much he loved this hat...

Picture of Sherlock's deerstalker

He adored that hat so much.

And, of course, Cluedo.

Picture of a Cluedo board with a knife through it

He liked playing Cluedo. So did I. Before I played it with him. He actually deduced that the victim had done it.

He deduced that the victim had faked his own death.

I said at the time that it wasn't very likely. In fact, I think I said it was impossible. And he told me that it might be improbable but nothing's impossible.

I wish I still believed that.


Oh he did look handsome in that hat.

Mrs Hudson 26 April

I still do an amazing fry-up. You should come around.

Mrs Hudson 26 April

Except for the bacon.

Marie Turner 26 April

My bacon is perfect thank you!

Mrs Hudson 26 April

A gentleman

Marie Turner 26 April

Hardly. You ok John?

Mrs Hudson

You two were brilliant. I'll never believe what they said on the news. You saved my life and if there's anything I can do then let me know.

Henry Knight 27 April

i still dont know what to believe :(

theimprobableone 27 April

The man was a lying scumbag and he deserved to die for all his lies!!!

Anonymous 27 April

Believe what you like.

John Watson 27 April


Sauron1976 27 April