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1st January

Actually, Happy New Year

It's all been a bit doom and gloom over the last few days so I wanted something to cheer us up. Sherlock's off at Barts x-raying a phone, leaving me to do the shopping. Before I go, though, look what I found on the Internet. It's mad but lovely. Thanks Jacob, you've cheered me up!


Oh, he's so sweet!

Mrs Hudson 01 January 12:45

OMG!! Can't believe I'm on your blog!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Jacob Sowersby 01 January 12:47

ridiculous totally ridiculous

theimprobableone 01 January 12:49

Mate, that's bonkers!!

Bill Murray 01 January 12:52

Not so clever. He never found out what happened to my husband.

Siobhan Whelan 01 January 12:59

STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I'm getting loads of comments on my page!!

Jacob Sowersby 01 January 13:12

Can't believe you've got fans!!

Harry Watson 01 January 13:45

I think he's more Sherlock's fan than mine. Got to go. He wants me to look up some flight details.

John Watson 01 January 14:12

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