A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson writes a blog after his return from Afghanistan

John Watson is no longer updating this blog. For the latest Sherlock content on the BBC go to the Sherlock programme website

27th March


Well, it's been an interesting few days. I've got myself a job. And I also helped break up an international smuggling ring. More details to follow.

Oh, but before I write it up. Important information!!

This is me

Picture of Dr John Watson

This is Sherlock

Picture of Sherlock Holmes

Okay? Criminals of London, please note which is which! It'll save us all a lot of time and hassle. I've changed my profile picture back to avoid any further confusion.

In other news, Sherlock's had another of those coded messages, if you fancied proving yourself. Go to The Science of Deduction .



Harry Watson 27 March 20:11

I'm not even going to ask!

Bill Murray 27 March 21:22

Not going to try the secret message yourself, John?

Sherlock Holmes 27 March 22:09

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