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31st December

Happy New Year

Just a quick update before we go into 2012. It's been a bit of a day. I was taken to Battersea Power Station where I met Irene Adler. She's still alive. Dead or alive, it's all just a game to her. At first, she refused to let Sherlock know she hadn't died but I insisted. I think that was the right thing to do. Either way, she's messing with his head. It didn't really matter though as, of course, he'd followed me.

When I got back to Baker Street... Mrs H. She'd been attacked. I've never seen her like that and it struck me again just how close to home this all this. People know where we live. People know who our friends are. But, oh Mrs H, she's so brave. They'd done horrible things to her but she had what they were looking for. She'd not given it up. The things we do for Sherlock Holmes, eh?

He won't talk about her, obviously. And my plans for New Years have had to be cancelled of course. So it's going to be a glass of scotch and a silent flatmate.

Happy New Year.


I'm fine, really I am. And thank you again for the laptop. Let me know if you boys want a hot chocolate bringing up.

Mrs Hudson 31 December 23:43

We're fine, Mrs H. Thanks x

John Watson 31 December 23:45

Happy New Year!!

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